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Dies ist ein Attribut vom Typ Text für Seiten der Kategorie Quelle.

Seiten mit dem Attribut „Quelle:Buchtitel“

Es werden 17 Seiten angezeigt, die dieses Attribut verwenden:

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Bayer, R.; McCreight, E. (1970): Organization and Maintenance of Large Ordered Indexes +Proceedings of the 1970 ACM SIGFIDET (SIGFIDET '70)  +
Cambridge Philosophical Society (1849): Transactions of the Cambridge Philosophical Society +Transactions of the Cambridge Philosophical Society  +
De Morgan, A. (1846): 0n the Structure of the Syllogism +Transactions of the Cambridge Philosophical Society  +
De Morgan, A. (1858): On the Syllogism, No. Ill, and on Logic in general +Transactions of the Cambridge Philosophical Society  +
Grust, T; Teubner, J. (2004): Relational Algebra: Mother Tongue – XQuery +Proceedings of the first Twente Data Management Workshop on XML Databases  +
Hamilton, W. R. (1835): On Conjugate Functions, or Algebraic Couples +Report of the fourth meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science – Held at Edinburgh in 1834  +
Hamilton, W. R. (1837): Theory of Conjugate Functions, or Algebraic Couples +The Transactions of the Royal Irish Academy  +
Hamilton, W. R. (1844): On a new Species of Imaginary Quantities connected with a theory of Quaternions +Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy  +
Heck, R. G. (1997): Definition by Induction in Frege's Grundgesetze der Arithmetik +Frege: Philosophy of Mathematics  +
Jenkinson, A.J.J. (1928): Trans. of Prior Analytics +The Works of Aristotle translated into English  +
Kern-Bausch, L.; Jekle, M. (2001): Taschenbuch der Informatik: Kapitel 14: Datenbanken +Taschenbuch der Informatik  +
Kowarschick, W., Köstler, G.; Kießling, W. (1996): Subtyping by Constraints in Object-Oriented Databases +Intl. Symposium on Object Technologies for Advanced Software (ISOTAS'96)  +
Peano, G. (1897): Studii de Logica Matematica +Atti della Reale Accademia delle scienze di Torino  +
Peirce, C. S.; Ladd-Franklin, C. (1902): Universe of Discourse +Dictionary of Philosophy and Psychology  +
Quine, W. V. (1954): Logic, Symbolic +The Encyclopedia Americana  +
Quine, W.V. (1989): Peirce's Logic +Selected Logic Papers  +
Teynor, A.; Müller, W.; Kowarschick, W. (2005): Compressed Domain Image Retrieval Using JPEG2000 and Gaussian Mixture Model +8th International Conference on Visual Information and Information Systems (VISUAL 2005)  +